Monday, January 29, 2007


So over Christmas break I decided I wanted to start a 1950s toy windup robot collection. I have three so far.
I had alien bees one night in the past few weeks and decided to shoot them and have some fun! I kind of bought them for that reason as well, and just to give myself another excuse to buy them! but

Here are my robotz!

aw robot love! hehe

All shot on my kitchen table. with a softbox as my background. and a shoot-thru umbrella to the left/front and slightly photoshopped for levels, etc. and some dodging/burning. shot with my fujiS3 and a 24-85mm lens.
1.) 1/125s @ f/13 (again with these made up f/stops!)
2.) 1/125s @ f/16
3.) 1/125s @ f/13
4.) 1/125s @ f/9.5

Those are my robotz. it was nice to shoot something for myself, that I really have been wanting to shoot - and actually doing it. haha if you know what I mean.
These are very me! I love my robotz! this is the first shoot I've done with them, but def. not the last one - that is for sure.

Let me know what you think! <3

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Dessert (process post 1)

This was our first assignment for advertising photography with chuck this semester.

It was dessert. and I watch the food network all the time - I love to shoot food, eat food and make it when I can.
It finally gets to pay off! hah.
I actually saw the recipe for what I made on the day we got the assignment. It was on the food network. I made mocha phyllo cups.
they are pretty and they taste good! double whammy!

this was my shot that I turned in for the assignment. it was actually the first shot I took vertical (it was supposed to be shot vertical) we had to crop it 9x7.. it makes it look a little fatter - but the plate wasn't really needed on the bottom any how I guess. I shot it in the studio.. with bronocolor lights
fuji S3 pro.
24-85mm lens
1/125s @ f/9.5. (don't you love how digital cameras make up f/stops?)

I'm pretty satisfied with my results. but for some reason when I put it here on my blog it looks a lot more desaturated. So I'm not too sure about that buttt... here are my process posts. of my set up while I was shooting. I used a soft box far off to the left and another light on the wall for bounce back light. and some fill cards.

so there you have it! my dessert!
let me know what you think! <3

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

randomness from over internship/christmas break

Well. I shot more than I thought over the 2 month internship and Christmas break..

and here are some of the random things I shot.

all shot with my fuijS3 pro!

these are some flowers that I shot - I had just got my new FujiS3 pro (which I LOVE ) and I wanted to use it and test it out. it was about the 2nd or 3rd week of internship, maybe? I know it was in early November 06 and I shot them at the gardens in Greensboro off Hobbs road, I think. it was really pretty..autumn was gorgeous!
THANKSGIVING! I gave myself a little assignment and I decided to document my family's thanksgiving. we always have tons of people at my parents house. we had 20 I think. my dads and my moms family was there. and I wanted to capture my family and our thanksgiving, which is always interesting and fun. there are always tons of people in the kitchen.. I shot a lot that day. there are so many interesting photos, I was kinda proud of myself, I went photojourn style and really got into it! here a few of my favorites. ABOVE: is my nephew Aiden, he had just turned one. I really caught this photo and its adorable! Above: This is my Aunt Donna, that lives in Boston and my other aunt's daughter - my cousin, McKenzie. They were hugging and I was sitting at the table looking for what to shoot next. and I really caught this moment, I really like it. I debated on whether to cut my mom out of the background, but I liked the composition of the foreground so I didn't crop it - let me know what you think!

Of course! I went to the Zoo over Christmas break I believe with my friend Jess and I used my 70-200mm lens and caught this great shot of these cute monkeys! This one stood out to me, I don't really like shooting stuff like this at the zoo because everyone does and it isn't really THAT hard. but i liked it.above/below are shots from a "series" I decided to do alone one afternoon over Christmas break, I believe it was in the beginning of this month. I went to Coleridge outside Asheboro - where I shot that series of Dustin for "fashion" for James and where I shot my panoramic with Ronnie. I love this place. I went back and did a series of myself. A self portrait series.
Shot with my fujiS3 pro and my 28-80mm on a tripod. self timer.

who thought you could use slow shutter speeds in the middle of the day? yay for f/22! i have a few more like that but, I've leave that at that.
Those are my photos from my break.
and internship I guess. I didn't actually get to shoot anything on my actually internship - with the photographer or anything.

SO that's what I've got... I'll be posting more because I'm back in school and its back to the 2 posts a week! so keep looking!

Thanks! and Let me know what you think/if you have any questions.. comments are always welcome and appreciated!


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whirley gigs

I went to visit Ronnie over the christmas break in Raleigh and went to shoot these HUGE whirley gigs in the middle of nowhere outside wilson, NC.

These were my fave shots i'd have to say, I have a few others. I posted more on my other blog, but this was my favorite, I shot it in B&W and color and I really like it both ways. they are two slightly different shots, because I didn't convert the color to B&W I shot jpegs so I shot it in B&W, I wanted to see what my camera could do with B&W. and see if it was any good or not. and well, it isn't too bad - but I'd rather shoot traditional B&W FILM If I'm going to shoot B&W! but...

I shot into the sun, behind the whirley gig(back lit, ew!).. with a flash to make all the reflectors glow that are on the whirley gigs. these things are covered with them... this place is also known as "acid park". they actually turned out pretty cool.

here is a nice overall shot of the place. there are tons of them and they are pretty old, quite interesting.

Its a pretty neat place, I shot it with my fujiS3 pro and a 28-80mm lens. and my vivitar flash.
it was about 3 pm.
or so.

Those are the whirley gigs

Look it up, go there, its a really cool place.
I wish we could have gone inside the fences. but oh well - perhaps for another time.

Let me know what you think!

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Friday, January 05, 2007

hair masking technique

Here are the photos we had to do last semester for John, the hair masking technique in digital class.
I really liked mine. I thought I did a pretty decent job, and I'm not sure why I haven't ever posted them.
so here they are.

they were shot with a d100, 24-85mm and broncolors in the studio and the backgrounds were just shot with natural sunlight and the same camera set up.

let me know what you think!

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