Monday, August 28, 2006

2 weekly photos- baked goods

these are some of my test shots from my client #1 assignment: BAKED GOODS!

they are italian vanilla wafer type cookies. they are tasty.. hope i made em look that way!
let me know what you think.
(these were shot with natural daylight on a d100. with a 24-85mm lens.)


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Friday, August 25, 2006

Colored water continued..

These are the last three words from the colored water assignment from spring 2006. This one above is "PLAIN". They are all shot on 35mm transparency film in the studio. These last 3 from the series of 4, are shot on light tables in the studio.

this word was "COLD/cool". They are colored ice cubes from an ice cube tray.

this word was "BOLD".


I am now in my Fall 2006 semester at RCC, a second year commerical student. There will be much more to come, all continually improved work. Summer semester 2006 taught us all a lot, it was the hardest semester of my life - but i did great and worked hard. I can't wait to see how much I have and will continue to improve through out this next semester from these photos from Spring(second) semester at RCC.

I will post more current work from summer semester soon and will be posting a lot of work from this fall semester 2006.


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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Welcome! I am a Randolph Community College commerical photo student. This photo was taken in spring semester 2006. It was part of the colored water assignment and the word was "warm/hot". It was shot on 35mm transparency film.

DUE 8/25/06: This is a good 'portfolio' piece because its one of my favorite shots that i did earliest here @ RCC. It has vivid color and a nice compostion. This is a representation of how i am moving and learning with my photography, if you look at my current work, its similar to this but better technically and shows my progess and how well i have learned since I've been here.

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