Monday, February 19, 2007


Last week, we had to go out and shoot an object for james in random places that had certian specfications for the shot.. a scavenger hunt of sorts.

While out shooting around Asheboro for that assginment... I took these shots. These things and places called out to me to be photographed while I was walking around so I did just that, for myself. I like them.

Both of these shots were taken off Church st. in a sort of back alley - behind the old Straight A tattoo shop.
I really love the randomness of the chair. and I really love the saturation of that blue blue door against that red brick.
I love downtowns and the random old things that they hold. Its also nice to get to shoot the things you see and say "that'd be a great photo" instead of just passing them by.

Its the simple things that make me happy, really. =]

I will kind of miss Asheboro. haha.

exposures: blue door = 1/250s @ f/5.6
chair shot = 1/250s @ f/13

Let me know what you think.

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