Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Business Portrait (process post 4)

These are shots from the last shooting assignment for chuck.. we had to shoot a business portrait with working enviornment showing in the background and put it on a magazine cover in Indesign...

I was really stressed out and got this assignment via email from Chuck because he was sick.. so I called my dad up and asked if I could come photograph him at his office that afternoon. This his is actual office, how it was. He is a CPO at Starmount Company. I did all the type and what not by myself in indesign.. I found the smart money font!
I also should have added text to the side with his name and CFO of the year.. I did for print. I didn't turn it in like that but.. things could always be better like I always say. I was stressed and running low on time.. but I should have slowed down and thought about what I was shooting more. I also should have thought about the cover more and what to put on it.. but I spent a lot of time with this in indesign and tried to get the type nice so I didn't have to scan in a mast head of a magazine.

I shot it at my dads office in greensboro... I used alien bees and had a softbox to the left of the camera.. and kind of up high tilting down..
exposure: 1/60s @ f/9.5


These are some process photos..(I forgot to shoot some of my business portrait)

These photos were at our commerical classes field trip to Kreber on last monday in High Point.
We went with James' class and he gave us already shot product and we( our group of 5 of us) had to put it together and shoot 5 different shots for a 2 page spread... and here are the shots of our set up..

Here is the shot produced from this set-up at Kreber...

These are shots from Sarah's Canon 5d.
exposure: 1/80s @ f/9

we had a light bouncing on the left out of a v-board and another bounce board on the right of the table.. we also had a light coming through a duratrans in the window. I think the duratrans really helped save our shot(we were kind of in a rut with it and it was really bland and boring..) It really helped give it a sense of time and place.. and opened it up. Even though its not really in the shot much, but I think it really adds something. I made the pretty drinks!

Let me know what you think!

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