Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BOSTON! the city.

I have been posting all of my photos in my other blog on wordpress, because its my more personal blog and the photos aren't really "professional" all the time, just about my trip and my experiences up here. I have posted TONs of photos as well.

but I thought I'd post some things to give you guys a taste of Boston and what not.
I have taken probably at least 6 gigs of photos or something.

I also have gotten to shoot some in the studio here (days on which they work on post work, I get to shoot in the studio and use whatever I want and work on my own photos/read photoshop books and practice! Its killer!) and have shot tons of the city. (( I will be posting in a different post - my stuff from the studio to some extent) I have tons of shots of strawberries with a macro lens of John's (my photographer) with daylight and fill... I'm stoked! ))
and snow!
all kinds of different things
but I'm going to post photos from when I got here to now.. all sorts of things.

the back of this building was so awesome... this was on the way to eat lunch off tremont st. my first day ( yes, tremont st in boston!)

this was the resturant in which we ate for lunch off tremont, called aquataine. it was a lovely french place. (I was feeling photojourn that.and I kind of have been since i've been here.)

this is Cathedral Catholic Church right near my aunt's apartment on Washington St.

this was inspired by Julia Dean. I was exploring around where I'm staying in Boston, In the south end and I saw this lady walking down the st across from me, she was this adorable old lady and I waited for her to walk right there and captured it. thank you julia dean! heh I also desaturated it some because it was so cold out, that is how it felt outside.

this was walking back from lunch... and I LOVE BROWNSTONES! and there are a billion one way st. signs and they always manage to get into all my shots. but I love these old buildings.

the view from the top of my Aunt's building! I LOVE BOSTON!

these following shots were shots from the first weekend I was there... walking to newbury st. - shopping central! its only a few blocks away - about a 20 mintue walk and it was lovely out. chilly but lovely..

this was walking down berkley st. to newbury st and this churck was beautiful with the way the sunlight was hitting it... I love this city. the sky was BEAUTIFUL that day.

this is Boston public library on dartmouth st. - heading back from newbury st..

the famous Trinity church! right across from the Boston Public Library.

a really cool reflective tall building right to the right of Trinity church... I didn't up the saturation or anything. It was that cyan that day.

SNOW! It snowed 8 inches almost 2 weeks ago now I think...

I shot this outside on the porch of my aunts apartment... and I used this really awesome "lomo" action I downloaded that makes your photos look cross-processed/ like you used a lomo camera.. I really like it but it only makes certian images look really cool - it doesn't just work on EVERYTHING. but anyhow.

*INTERNSHIP!*... the reason I'm in Boston in the first place. haha

This is where I work. Dock 25..... 25 drydock ave. in the marine industrail district in the Boston Design Center... right off the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.

the entrance to the building... we are on the 6th floor!

** in the studio** part 1.

these are some shots I did of some left over apple blossoms from a shoot - that the stylist left here. they have an amazing little daylight section of the studio. with lovely old windows.. and amazing daylight.

lovely daylight and apple blossoms. <3

I didn't do TOO much editing on these, just levels and saturation adjustments really. nothing crazy.
BUT I have been learning A TON about photoshop and loving it. There are so many ways to do the same thing in photoshop, its riduclous!
I have read a few books they have up here and have been walking John and Steve do post work... I have been learning a ton about different tools and how to do things I kind of already know how to do - better in photoshop.
Its a great internship - the people are super nice and fun and I'm learing a ton and having great experiences.

<3 enjoy my photos and let me know what you all think!

I miss you all at school and I hope everyone else is enjoying their internship as well!


At Wed Mar 28, 08:36:00 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

So Happy things are going well in Boston are you thinking of staying there??


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