Monday, February 05, 2007

Kelly Corset

this weekend I got the chance to shoot a girl, named Kelly, getting a corset piercing(we shot her getting the piercing and then we had a "fashiony" shoot afterwords).. which is what you think it is. 18 piercings on her back, 9 on each side.
a piercing that looks like a corset.. I don't want to post any of full shots of her piercing on here because I don't want to scare certain people away from my blog who might not think its as beautiful as I do.
I have many more shots of her back with the full piercing but these are the few of my real favorites from the shoot actually. She is a pretty girl.

but she looks like a new age pinup girl.

I really wanted to just shoot her as a pinup, more so than her corset piercing but later on down the road we are going to go all out and do a pinup shoot and do her hair and get awesome outfits.

I actually did do photoshop work on these. I remembered the skin smoothing trick and played with it some to give a softer, smoother look.
I was actually editing these to send to her and then I was playing with the second one and saw this crop out of it and was playing with the color temperature in the RAW window and really liked this setting for some reason. It gives an classic pinup feel and it really works well with that blue wall. I usually don't manipulate my photos like that much with the color balance but I just like it.
(you can also see the top of her piercing in this photo as well.)

I shot these at the green bean in downtown Greensboro on Saturday.
with my fujiS3, 24-85mm lens and alien bees. with a soft box.

I'm happy because I didn't think I got any thing that fabulous out of the shoot, but here we go. I had other ideas in my head, but the day didn't go exactly as planned and so I had to work with what ended up happening..I'm pretty happy with these two and I'm really liking what I did to the second one - I haven't had that great of a result in playing with photoshop in a while. its a good feeling.

let me know what you think!

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At Mon Feb 05, 11:43:00 PM, Blogger Kirbi Reddic said...

I like these photos alot. The lighting looks good and I def. think it shows her personality/character. I would however like to see the corset photos that you did. You should post them!

At Thu Feb 08, 08:49:00 AM, Blogger awatts said...

absolutely beautiful lighting! i too would love to see the corset photos.

At Wed Feb 14, 09:07:00 AM, Blogger ncr said...

I like your light, but in the last image I would of liked to see more of her pericing. Maybe have her back reflection in a mirror and her looking back into the mirror. good job.


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