Monday, February 12, 2007

Joint Project Shots

We are doing a joint project with the graphic design students... we have to choose a product/service and shoot it and they design layouts, magazine ads, billboards etc.

I haven't really been happy with this assignment(with what I've produced for it), but I'm sure when its all put together in the layouts that it will all look a lot better.

We did a place called Southern Supreme, located in Bear Creek, NC.
They are famous for their fruitcake and have been on Good Morning America.
They also have hand made truffles, chocolates, jellys, gift baskets and cookies. Its kind of like a small town version of the fresh market.
We are actually doing this for Southern Supreme, they might actually "buy" these shots and designs from us.

^ this shot is going to be used for a billboard. its crumbs from a fruitcake and the ad is going to say something about how tasty it is.

I'm not quite sure what this shot will be used for, but its probably going to be used for a magazine ad and/or on their website. They are their handmade truffles.

Exposures: shot 1 - 1/125s @ f/16
shot 2 - 1/125s @ f/9.5
They were both shot in the studio with bronocolor lights.

I haven't really been that happy with what I've been shooting lately. Things could always be better, but they serve the purpose for the ads and show the product nicely.

let me know what you think!

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