Wednesday, October 11, 2006

fun in the studio

I was shooting in the second year studio last week.. doing some headshots. and Ronnie and Troy started to play around and I had some fun!

It was shot with a D100 + 24-85mm.
In the studio.
with broncolor lights.
I used 3 lights. The shadows were really neat and this was pure fun.
I had a few others that I liked but they were almost too silly to post.

More to come soon.
this is the end of the semester and I'm about to go out on internship on Oct. 18th.
and I'm ready. I am almost OUT of ideas.. and I can't FORCE myself to be creative so its stressful right now.
trying to get things done well and turned in before I leave.



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Thursday, October 05, 2006


these shots were from my photographer inspiration assignment for James a few weeks back.

The first one of these is the one I turned in for my assignment but I didn't post because it wasn't due yet - I wanted to show it in class first. Anyhow.

I think these are pretty decent portfolio pieces that might even go together... I really liked that shoot and I thought I got a decent amount of good photos from it.
here are my two favorites:

These were both shot with a D100, 24-85mm lens and broncolor lights on a light table in the studio.. one or two softboxes.

exposures: the first one posted was shot at f/13 @ 1/100s.
The second was shot at f/22 @ 1/100s.

Not much post AT all went into these photos - which is what makes me feel GREAT! I maybe did a levels adjustment and some color balencing.

I haven't shot that MUCH great portfolio items this semester but I def. have quite a bit more to add to my portfolio - that will be continue to form over the next year or so.

anyhow. so there is my last REQUIRED post for John Rash..
but you haven't seen the last of me!
I'll continue to post over internship and what not! keep up with me!

Let me know what you think! <3>

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

headshots for James

These shots were for a headshots assignment from James. We had to shoot a person and create 6 different headshots. those were the only specifications that he gave us.

So I did some kind of unconventional.

I shot Amy Trull. She is a theater major at UNC-Charlotte. These were shots for her actual new headshots(& my assignment. heh!) - so it made it a little more fun and exciting to shoot. She was very happy with a lot of the shots. I ended up shooting about a 1gig card and a 512 card of her. I have quite a few favorites of her.

I shot them all with a D-100,24-85mm.

above: shot at 1/125s @ f/4 @ 200ISO.

above: shot @ f/13 @ 1/100s.

above: shot at f/7.1 @ 1/13s

above: shot at f/13 @ 1/100s.

all of the above photos minus the first one were shot with alien bees. one with a softbox.
the first one was shot with natural light and a fill flash.

These were my favorites from the ones I turned in for James.

I guess these COULD be considered portfolio. I will probably only put 1 or 2 of these in my book, if that. But here is my 1st 'portfolio' post.

James said the really upclose one isn't a good headshot.. I know that. I just really think she is cute and she fit perfectly into my frame! Her eyes are gorgous. I just liked the shot - I will post the shot she uses for her actually headshot later on - apparently people are prefering tighter headshots these days. (not THAT tight, but.. tighter)

I just liked it. I was happy with this shoot afterwords, it was fun and I was really happy with the results I got.. I'm not that BIG of a fan of shooting people but I'm starting to like it more and more!
I actually didn't have to do much post work on these - slight level adjustments, brightening some backgrounds a little, getting some stray hairs here & there - and brightening her eyes up a bit. That is all. It feels good when you don't have to do a TON of post work on your photos.

Let me know what you think of these.

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