Monday, February 05, 2007

Jewelry - process post 2

So. our second assignment for chuck was to shoot jewelry. on 4x5 chrome, which I hadn't done since the beginning of last semester. it was definitely a nice refresher - I miss 4x5 sometimes. I'm definitely a film girl at heart.

I'm going to go ahead and say - my film looks a lot better than my scan. and I did a 3f scan! so I don't know. things could always be better. I haven't been very happy with what my end product is when I've been shooting lately.

I'm decently happy with this but like I said, It could always be better.

^ this is the 3f scan shot, raw. no photoshop. SEE! the 'base+fog"!

^ this is the final edit.
its the same scan, photoshopped(for flaws, color,etc). I wanted to try and layer together some different exposures but I had moved my necklace and my "circles of confusion" are different in every shot just about. so it didn't really work out. I had to adjust a lot(while shooting, the necklace kept moving so yea). I don't really like this crop b/c we had to crop it to 8.5" x 9.5"in photoshop and it makes it look fat. and too wide. but.
ALSO. something happened where the right side of the necklace was hanging forward too much towards the lens and happened to get out of focus - I had schiemflugged a bit. but nothing drastic. and my bellows seemed to have been "bellowing" a little bit(haha, no pun intended!) so. not too sure what happened. but

Here are my process posts, my set up.
I had to use 2 bellows!(w00t) and 2 extension tubes.
I shot with a 210mm lens
and fuji provia 100 chrome 4x5 film. on a sinar f1.
exposure: 1/4th of a second @ f/5.6
broncolor lights.
Soft box on the left and a hard light with a blue gel on the background.
fill card on the right side of the necklace and fill card below the necklace.

for the background - I also added (after I shot these process photos) Christmas lights to the background hanging on a Matthews stand to get the lovely 'circles of confusion' in the background.
Chuck said to make it up close and dazzling and that is what i did. I took me a while to set it up and I was bored with just the blue background and so I rummaged thru the prop room and found some Xmas lights and put them in the background to add some pop and glitz to the shot.

I am decently happy with it. It took me 5 hours to set up and shoot. so I hope its at least decent. ha ha

Let me know what you think! <3>

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