Thursday, September 28, 2006

process post 2

I did these shots in the studio while I was shooting my phones for my self-promo #4 a while ago...(its pretty much the same lighting set up..)
The giant lightbulb was something else I had rented from the antique store.. I really wanted to use it. so I did.
This mannequin belongs in the prop room and he is my favorite. I had an idea kind of like this but couldn't think of anything else to attatch the light bulb to his head or make it look like the light bulb was a big idea, his head or something like that...

I used black photo tape to attatch the bulb and added some tape on him to make the attatching of the bulb to him with the tape the 'theme' kind of.. I like black photo tape =]
this is me messing around in the studio and being creative. I wouldn't even call it portfolio.. its just thought process - being creative. I do like my idea, I'm sure if I put more thought into it -- this idea could evolve and become better and I'd have a better way to go about
shooting it. I would def. try and light the glass better.. Its hard to light the glass in the shot because of how I have it attatched to the mannequin - I didn't spend a HUGE amount of time shooting this so I might do two different shots and put them together in post in the future sometime.

here is the process shot..

this is the result of that is:

This was shot with a d100, 24-85mm lens @ 1/125s @ f/13.. with broncolor lights in the RCC studio.

This is the first "personal" thing I've shot really in a good while.. Its hard to be creative with personal work with so much that we have to do for school. I still try and keep my imagination and creativity flowing all the time.

There are a few things I would do differently next time perhaps..This is a working idea and I just wanted to see what it would look like when I got the idea out of my head...I need to find a lamp for a bulb that size to fit in - so I can really play with this idea. I really like
mannequins..I want to a series of things with them - I just have to find somewhere I can get them.

let me know that you think.

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