Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lifestyles computer

these shots are from client #4 for photo illustration.. the assignment was to shoot a lifestyles computer shot. Its mainly to shoot for stock photography...

the shot needed to show a sense of time, place and a relationship between the people in the photo(needed to have 2 or more people in the photo)...and was best if it showed the computer screen as well..
I don't think this is one of my better assignments that I've shot, but I didn't think as much as I should have.. I should have shot from more angles and thought more
about shutter speed..
I'm decently happy with these - I photoshopped them slightly. I did some levels adjustments, selective color and a bit of masking with selective focus..
but not anything MASSIVE. So I'm pretty happy with them.. I know I can always do better though.
I just realized that my boyfriend (the male model in this shot) is wearing the same shirt as he was in my shot for James with my mac.. again. how weird.

the one above was shot @ 1/100s @ f/5.. at 24mm with a D100 with a 24-85mm lens. outside.. all natural light.

this was shot also with a d100, with some fill flash, 24-85mm lens, 1/125s @ f/4.

The models in these shots were - Dustin Overcash, Kirk Overcash and Cecil Overcash. (*thank you! =] )

we had to have 5-10 shots total to turn in, I turned in 7.
I know I could have done a lot better with this assignment if given it again, but It wasn't as inspiring as other assignments that we have had.

let me know what you think =]

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