Wednesday, September 27, 2006

interesting product shot

This assignment was for James this week...

Here are the specs from the blog for it..
"..For your assignment you will research specific lighting and special effects techniques on the web and apply your findings to a common household item. This item could be a shoe, a basketball, a bowl of cereal. Anything that we could all recognize and would easily find around the house will work. Next, do the research. Look at all of the options from the perspective of achieving a result you have not seen before by trying a technique you have never tried before.

This could include light painting, home made light modifiers (lots of web sites show how), cross processing film, or using selective diffusion during exposure. Either way, the idea is to create an image that has much more going on visually than simply showing the subject well. Basically we are trying to compensate for the subject by making the image exciting in other ways.."

I tried to shoot this assignment last week and I didn't have any brilliant ideas and I wasn't happy with what I shot - It was cheesey. I tried to shoot a toaster "killing" toast.. I used a teeth shaped cookie in the background with a red gel on it, had the burnt toast in the white toaster and had the cord from the toast with a knife in its prongs "stabbing" the toast.. It was a decent idea but it just came out looking lame, cheesy and unprofessional.

So I went back in the to the studio monday afternoon and brought a few things with me... and I really favored my vintage black patent leather shoes.. and I wanted to use them. I tried a bunch of different things with them and toward the end of the shoot I had the idea to put one of my shoes in side the pink fishnets I had brought with me. played around with, and stretched things out..

this is what I came out with.

shot with a Nikon D100. 24-85mm lens. in the studio on plexiglass with bronocolor lights.. softbox and a bare head on the background. exposure was at 1/125s @ f/27, ISO:200, focal length was at 35mm.

It isn't one of my BEST shots I've done so far, but I like it okay. Its good for the time I had to do it and the slight lack of inspiration I had with this assignment (for some unknown reason.) I thought the panty hose just look really cool stretched out over the shoe and OUT past the shoe against the bright background.. I just wish I had had a soild idea for this assignment instead of fooling around with items til I figured out or got something I liked and really thought mostly fit the assignment..

This could be an ad for the pantyhose or the shoes... or both.

Let me know what you think =]

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At Wed Sep 27, 10:53:00 AM, Blogger RC said...

Katie, wow! this shot made me smile! :) The idea of you pulling the fish-nets away from the shoes was great! you also did a great job lighting these shiny shoes!

At Fri Sep 29, 09:17:00 AM, Blogger Sara Baltz said...

When you showed this class I just loved it. I'm a big fan of shooting shoes and I think what you did with the panty hose is really cool. I like that they break the frame it makes the shot much more interesting.

At Fri Sep 29, 09:39:00 AM, Blogger Monica said...

I think this is one of your best photos. I like the clean background. The net around the shoes really gives an interesting shape.


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