Thursday, September 07, 2006

Self promo #1&2

these are two shots that I did for my two self promo assignments.

they are photoshopped quite a bit, but i like
them. i am pretty happy with the results. i just wish i didnt have to photoshop as much.. the first had more photoshopping involved than the second.
self promo #1. its an illustration. or conceptual. can be used for anything - great for stock. shot in the studio with broncolor strobes two. on each side. ISO 320. f/16 @ 1/90. 24mm. (d100) I reallly HAD to photoshop this to get the look I wanted, and i added that slight green cast because i have a slight obcession with green. ha. who knew?

self promo #2. snow peas. food photography. stock. anything. food magazines, recipes. i LOVE food photography. shot at my apartment with alien bees, and a soft box and a d100, at f/16 @ 1/45sec. at 35mm.

both of these were shot with a D100. with a 24-85mm lens.

I like them, I dont like how much I'm now having to photoshop. its weird to do that when coming from straight film and so traditional. I like it buts it going to have to take some getting use to and I don't wanna fall into that "oh, that! i'll fix it in photoshop" I don't want to be that person, but time constraints kind of force more photoshoppin than i'd like to be doing. but any how.

let me know what you think bout my fotos! <3>

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At Wed Sep 13, 02:12:00 AM, Blogger elisahenry said...

Good work, Katie. I really like the idea of the one with the chair. Simple but interesting. Artsy. I like it.

Nice job on the snow peas as well. The lighting is pretty & shows off the drops of water. I like that you can see the backlit peas inside of some of the pods.


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