Wednesday, September 06, 2006

product & aspirational shots

these shots were for lighting clinic with james.

we had to do a product shot to show all the 'bells & whistles' of the product - all the buttons and such and then an aspirational shot to show the lifestyle, the idea of the product. how the product could possibly make your life better.. he gave an example of the newport ads - happy couples in a field or on a beach having fun. no cigarettes around. the product doesn't even really need to be in the aspirational shot necessarily. it needs to make you feel like you NEED to have or want that product.

the product I chose was my mac G4 powerbook. I didn't have to go out and buy the product for the shoot and it wasn't hard to show or dimenstrate the lifestyle of a mac user. i really took the lifestyle thing for the aspirational shot to show you who uses it and how "cool" you can be if you have a mac. (haha)

here is the product shot. I actually had about 10 product shots, but james only really wanted ONE but I really turned in these 4.
and yes. photoshop was involved in these shots, very much so the pen tool. they were shot with a D100, 24-85mm lens, with broncolors and a broncolor farrell light.
i had these done saturday night (they were due yesterday) and then as i tried to save them to a CD, they became aliased (this happened to me spring semester, its TERRIBLE) and i was up til 1am again photoshopping somewhat sloppily on these. but james seemed to like them. i know i can always do better.

here is the aspirational shot.

for the aspirational shot, MOTION had to be involved in the shot. it had to incorporate the product or something about the shot had to involve motion.

this is my boyfriend dustin. he modeled for me. i chose him because he is an actor and can model very well, plus he has long "artsy" hair which shows what kind of people might use a mac.
we shot it at the greenbean coffee shop in downtown greensboro on saturday.
the light is all available light(with a D100,24-85mm lens - about a 1/2 sec exposure or so) and this to me really portrays a lifestyle of a mac user pretty well (some what stereotypically but you know).
i like the way the motion of the coffee cup draws you up to his eyes, which can't even come off the mac for a moment to sip his coffee.
he is so into what he is working on, or reading on the internet on his wonderful powerbook.
i got the comment that is kind of editoral, and this might be true.
but I like it.
i think it portrays the lifestyle and the idea behind it of a mac user pretty well, like the assignment said to.
I believe my idea was pretty successful for the assignment. i think maybe added some other light might have helped and i planned to do that but i didn't have the tools i needed to do it, like i wanted to so i didn't.

let me know what you think <3>

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At Thu Sep 07, 08:50:00 AM, Blogger duane said...

Your top shot is just super.

I really appreciate the light on Dustin's face in the inspirational shot. The glow from the screen helps with the ration on his face.



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