Tuesday, September 05, 2006

lens baby

i want a lensbaby.
yea i know they are sort of a novelty but i want one. they are so fun to play around with and you can really get creative with it.. its not as sweet as schiempfluggin' with a view camera or a tilt shift lens - but its pretty neat.
i wish the (as they call it) the sweet spot, was a little better or larger.. and i also wish the aperture was a bit easier to control.
i put these two photos together in photoshop for fun...
shot with a nikon original lens baby. with a D-100.

the shot on the left was shot at 1/30th of a sec and the aperture ( i am guessing b/c i didn't put any of the aperture rings in the lens baby - metadata says f/1.0.) it is a complete manual lens, you move around the sweet spot(the focus spot) with your fingers ( as seen in the other photo). the ISO was 400. and i shot it in my bathroom with available tungsten light.

the shot on the right was shot @ 1/30th of a sec and the "aperture" was at f/1.0.
i really guessed where the focus spot was with these... and i just reshot them and moved the sweet spot to where i thought it would be. (where i'd want it)

--- these are some outtakes and stuff i did(of me) while messing around shooting a self promo assignment of snow peas for chuck at my apartment and put together in photoshop...

i shot it with a D100 with alien bees with a soft box on it.. its side lit and i tweaked the color in photoshop to make it more green.
RIGHT - f/13 @ 1/45th of a sec. @ 42 mm on my lens. ISO 200
alien bees with a soft box.
LEFT- f/13 @ 1/45th of a sec at 42mm lens. ISO 200.

thats it.
lemme know whatcha think <3>

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