Sunday, September 17, 2006

New watermark!

I finally made myself a personal watermark instead of having just "©2006 Kathleen Minton".. I really wanted to add some personality into it.

I made the watermark with the wacom tablet that my boyfriend has.. so its actually my handwriting which is kinda neat!

here is a photo I shot Spring Semester 2006 for my layout in design lab so I can show you the watermark on a photo.. I made it into a stamp in photoshop so its much easier to put the watermark on my photo.


its says "©2006 KBM" which are my initials.

just was semi- excited about that. so I thought I'd make a post to show it off.

hope everyone is having a great weekend..


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At Thu Sep 21, 05:18:00 AM, Blogger duane said...

I would like to play around with one of those tablets. I was considering doing what you did with your watermark. I would have to scan my signature and lift it into a layer with photoshop. I love visiting your blog.


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